Provisional Government of the Republic of West Papua, 1 July 1971.


MSG took a long time to define a quasi – state. After 1945 when Indonesia’s first post – colonial era leader President Sukarno proclaimed Indonesia independent from Dutch colonial rule under international law, the Dutch colonial masters did not recognise the new state, and it took convincing by the US for the conferring of legitimacy of sovereignty to the new Indonesian state take place.

It happened in 1949. For 4 or 5 years the state proclaimed as free and self – ruling by President Sukarno was a quasi – state, with old weapons left behind by the invading Japanese Imperial Army to enforce and monopolise oppressive arms of state, and therefore to kick – start the life of a unitary Republic of Indonesia. After the Cold War era, and during the period of confrontation between East and West, a smart Sukarno kept Indonesia in the driver’s seat to get the best deal out of the confrontation.

West Papua became the sacrificial lamp for the West. But, following the tenets of the rule of law and Magna Carta that defines Western civilization or lack of it, Papuan nationalists led by Brigadier – General Seth Rumkorem, the first commander of the rebel army or West National Liberation Army(left, shown in the photo) proclaimed West Papua independent on 1 July 1971. A quasi – state was born that followed the tenets of Magna Carta.

Liberal democracy and liberal democratic world order refused to hear the mid – cry in 1969, and still refuses today. The Cold War is long gone.

Viva Provisional Government of Republic of West Papua. Viva Papua Merdeka!


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